A Note

Samantha B. Literary is thrilled to be eagerly seeking new clients. Every submission is carefully considered, but as a one-woman agency, I am by nature highly selective.

In addition to thinking about whether I can sell the project, I also ask myself questions like, "Do I love the project? Will the author and I work strongly together? How passionate am I about his or her potential?"

After all your hard work, you deserve a true partner in business and a great advocate for your creativity. That's why even if I decline to represent you, that doesn't mean the right agent isn't out there.

Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep telling stories.


  • Samantha B. Literary only accepts electronic submissions through the linked form below, and only accepts queries for completed projects.
  • Include your query and the first 30 pages of your manuscript. (For picture books or early readers, please include the full text. For graphic novels, 2-3 sample spreads.)
  • I respond to all queries, so if you have not heard from me within 4 weeks, feel free to follow up.
  • If I request your full manuscript, please allow me at least 4 more weeks to read and review before checking in.
  • If you have received an offer of representation from another agent, please get in touch immediately.
  • I am only accepting queries for the following categories at this time: PB, chapter book, MG, YA

Closed to Submissions

Thank you for considering Samantha B. Literary! To focus on current submissions and client work, I am closed to new queries at this time. Queries already received will be considered.

Please check back here or follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook to learn when I will re-open. You can also sign up for the mailing list here →

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