The Agency

With a vision to grow the imagination of young readers everywhere, Samantha B. Literary is a one-woman literary agency committed to bringing the most innovative and creative opportunities to her clients and to publishers.

Highly selective by nature, Samantha seeks to discover and partner with outstanding and promising authors and artists.

Samantha's goal is to work with passionate creators whose stories future generations will love. In order to help them build a long and successful career, she believes representing authors and artists means being their champion (sword and shield), their coach, and their partner.

Samantha Bagood photo

About Samantha

Samantha Bagood founded Samantha B. Literary in 2017 after working at Adams Literary, and is actively building her list. She is currently interested in picture books, chapter books, middle grade and young adult novels. She is also committed to showcasing marginalized voices.

About Samantha: the long version

Samantha Bagood's descent into publishing can be blamed on The Writer magazine and Writer's Digest. As a voracious teenaged reader and aspiring writer, she subscribed to both magazines and discovered the literary agent profession. Frustratingly, she could not discover the correct path to becoming one.

She entered Appalachian State University to study writing and communications. Though she had some wonderful professors, she still could not find the path to becoming a literary agent. So she reviewed books, interned at many places, and represented her first group of people as president of Asian Student Association.

After graduating with honors, she eventually found her way to Adams Literary thanks to a cold email and bagels. Working her way up from intern, she officially joined the team in 2012, bringing with her a unique combination of editorial, web and design skills.

In 2017, following a 3000 mile drive from North Carolina to California while 26 weeks pregnant, she felt it was the right time to set off on her own. So she left Adams Literary and launched Samantha B. Literary.

Turns out, she was always on the path to becoming an agent.

When not reading or agenting, Samantha can be found designing stationery, enjoying time with her family, and exploring her new home city.